Unity of Tacoma

We do not tell you what to believe; we teach you how to thrive.
We do not give you dogmatic answers; we explore the questions with you.
We do not label you; we accept you as you are.
We do not say which path is right; we bear sacred witness to your journey.
We do not indoctrinate you; we teach you to love yourself and others.
Welcome to your spiritual home. Welcome to Unity of Tacoma.


Unity of Tacoma invites you to embraceThe Courage to Imagine in 2018.

Through the faculty of imagination, you can transform your life, and together we can transform our planet, our nation, and our community.  Whatever we desire to create, envisioning it is the first step to achieving it. Using this gift, we release limiting thoughts and realize our divine potential, both individually and as a community. This year is bringing tremendous opportunity for Unity of Tacoma. Join us on this journey, and let us support you in achieving that which you have the courage to imagine.


Our current series is Happy This Year, by Will Bowen. If you would like to read the book along with us, it can be downloaded or ordered off Amazon. You do not need to download the book in order to enjoy the Sunday Celebration and Spiritual Roundtable.

    2102 S 23rd St | Tacoma, WA 98405 | 253-383-2684